Senin, 09 Januari 2012


 I still can’t forget you  I will rewrite it again, our story will not end I rewrite it once again, the start beginning with you and I smiling happily I kiss you as if there is nothing wrong I can’t leave your sweet presence

There is no such thing as an end for us I can’t forget you (Fiction in Fiction)

I am writing the story that will never end in my heart  I will hold on to you I won’t let you go  I’m in the story of you Right now, there are only happy stores here I can’t never let you go from my embrace  I run towards you and embrace you I can’t end it I won’t let you go  I will say this again,I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I keep writing these 3 words Setting the warn out pen on the old paper strained in tears This story can’t be happy or sad Fiction in Fiction Right now I’m writing such a happy story

But it is all just a wish still I’m happy We are together Now is the start There is no end

my ticket

                                                  tiket mkanan bwt nataln d skul =D
                                                              !tomorrow 10 jan 2012!

my old car

                                                    mbil kecil w , wkwk =D

all in 2012

                                           look! i found it in my garden =)